There's only one thing that could make Game of Thrones better: lightsabers!

Afraid of ghosts? Afraid of being naked? Now you can combine both these fears into one giant scream fest. Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania is opening its first 'haunted scream park that is meant to expose participants to 'a new kind of fear.' An attraction at Pennsylvania's "premier haunted scream park," Shocktoberfest, will be offering nude tours of its haunted house.

According to news reports, eight people are seeking $600,000 a piece in damages in a lawsuit involving a woman convicted of repeatedly urinating into an office coffee pot.


According to Fox News, three employees from the Hands of Our Future Daycare in Dover, Delaware were arrested after a cell phone video showed employees watching and encouraging two 3-year-olds fight each other.

New fashion jewelry in China: live animals in a sealed plastic bag containing a liquid with nutrients and oxygen that allows them to live up to 2 months.

Tattoo artist Roy Matthews is facing a $100,000 lawsuit after giving his ex-girlfriend Lisa Broward a steaming pile of shit tattoo. Lisa claims that Roy was supposed to tattoo a scene from Narnia on her back. But after Roy found out that Lisa had cheated on him with his best friend, Roy retaliated with this tattoo. Linda didn’t know what he was really drawing on her back until it was finished.

Larry Wachowski, co-director of The Matrix, became Lana after a sex-change operation.

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